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NEW NAME...User Management/Role Based Access Control SIG

We have changed our name to reflect inclusion of cloud topics.

Collaborate sessions will continue to support the majority which is currently EBS.

We are required to cover cloud topics at Oracle Open World as OOW is cloud focused.

If you are not currently a member of the User Management/Role Based Access Control SIG, click here to join via your OAUG profile and ensure you get all email notifications for the group moving forward. 

User Management / RBAC SIG session at Open World 2018 Oct 22-25

 Actual Date, Time, and Room will be announced when available


Sesstion Title: User Mgmt SIG-RBAC–How the Foundation in EBS is Fully Built Out in Cloud ERP

Session ID: SIG1294

Abstract: Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is the security model for Cloud ERP. In Cloud the "grant" is to a job or position, so when the position changes, the roles are automatically end-dated and new roles automatically assigned. In R12, this functionality is less mature but rapidly improving with each patch set. This presentation will start with the building blocks for grants and permissions in EBS to provide foundational knowledge, and then I will show how this is the basis for the security model in the cloud. Diagrams will show a side by side comparison of EBS and Cloud RBAC functionality.

EBS User Management SIG session at Collaborate 18

EBS User Management SIG - User Access Requests, Read Only Options and Other New Tips

 3:00 PM–4:00 PM Apr 22, 2018,  South Pacific H


Session ID: 10028

Abstract: Streamline your security processes by allowing users to request access and learn about the latest tips for granting permissions -- specifically options to set up read-only access in multiple areas. This includes the latest configuration requirements and R12.2.

Objective 1: Provide details on user access request setup, workflow and approvals

Objective 2: Cover any new features since previous Collaborate meeting

Objective 3: Gather requests for future presentations

Objective 4: Q and A

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