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Registration Open for the User Management Training Webinar Series

User Management Training Series for EBS Release 12

You asked for it and you got it!

Per popular demand, the User Management / Role Based Access Control SIG is teaming with the Texas Louisiana OATUG (TLOAUG) GEO to deliver three training webinars. We have developed a training series for EBS user management, starting with the basics and moving through more advanced topics. We encourage you to attend Webinar 1 as a pre-requisite to Webinar 3. Webinar 2 is less dependent on the introductory webinar and includes the required configuration in EBS 12.2 for Flexfield Value Set Security. Please see below for details on each.

Register now at the links below.

WEBINAR 1 - User Management/Role Based Access Control Part 1 for Beginners

Abstract/Objective – Learn the basics of user management and role-based access control starting with terminology and continuing on to basic examples. Learn where it is required, where it is optional and how it can harden security while streamlining system administration security related tasks.


  • Overview/User Management Layers
  • Other EBS responsibilities related to user management
  • Role Based Access Control Overview
  • Building Blocks for User Management
  • Modeling Security Policy – Step by Step Example
  • Intro to Security Wizards - Cash Management
  • Creating Users in User Management instead of the System Administrator Responsibility
  • Creating Roles – two practical examples

WEBINAR 2 - User Management Part II - Security Wizards and Proxy Users

Abstract/Objective – Learn how to utilize security wizards which allow you to create Grants through a guided navigation path to allow access to value sets, concurrent reports, banks and users also allowing limitations on what functions can be performed on these items. Learn how to utilize proxy functionality to delegate tasks to other users for various reasons – out of office, workload sharing and others.


  • Security Wizard - Flexfield Value Sets
  • Security Wizard - Concurrent Processing
  • Security Wizard - Security Administration
  • Proxy Users

WEBINAR 3 - User Management Part III - Automate user creation and role assignments

Abstract/Objective – Learn how to reduce system administration bottlenecks by automating the process of creating users and assigning responsibilities. Also learn to delegate workflow support to superusers for each module or specific workflow.


  • Registration Processes with Approvals Management
  • Workflow Delegation Control
  • Configuring the User Name Policy

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